Celica For Sale In Georgia

Celica For Sale In Georgia

This Celica for sale in Georgia is a fantastic opportunity for someone who is in the market for a reliable and fun car. The owner has enjoyed working on this car and has repaired many things to make it reliable and fun to drive. Now he is ready to move on to the next project and is selling it on Ebay.

Toyota Celica GT Convertible in 1991

This 1991 Toyota Celica GT Convertible is a long-term garage-kept car with a clean CARFAX report. It features a twin-cam 2.2-liter inline-4 paired with a 4-speed automatic transmission. It received a recent mechanical service. The car is finished in red with black retractable top and is equipped with a gray patterned cloth interior.

This car was first produced in the Japanese market. It was a mid-size car with a 4-cylinder engine and was exclusive to the Toyota Corolla Store dealer network. It was available in a variety of body styles and models, including coupes, hatchbacks, convertibles, liftbacks, and sedans.

Toyota Celica Supra Mark II in 1991

When Toyota introduced the Toyota Celica Supra in 1991, it was a premium model of the Celica range, offering more power and optional leather interior. The Supra also included features like cruise control, automatic climate control, power windows and locks. It also featured a five-speed manual transmission with a four-speed automatic option. The Supra also featured a firmer suspension and a front and rear spoiler.

The Celica Supra was available in two distinct trim levels in North America. The P-type was designed for high-performance driving, while the L-type was aimed more at luxury. Both models had leather interiors and power windows and locks. In North America, the P-type was the first Supra to have leather seats.

The Celica Supra was essentially a two-seater version of the Celica coupe. It featured an inline six-cylinder engine with 110 horsepower. The Mark II model also had a five-speed manual transmission. The Supra also included an 8-track player and an independent rear suspension.

Value of a Toyota Celica GT Convertible

The value of a 1997 Toyota Celica GT Convertible depends on the condition of the car. These vehicles are extremely rare, especially in the GT trim. They also have a five-speed manual transmission. The seller notes that the top and motors have been replaced, and that they have been “faithfully serviced.” In addition, the seller notes that the car’s oil pan has been replaced, and it is in stock condition.

The Celica comes with a 2.2-liter engine that produces 130 horsepower and 145 foot-pounds of torque. It also has four-wheel disc brakes instead of two. It is equipped with anti-lock brakes. Despite its noisy nature, this vehicle can handle the highway quite well, even with all of its equipment.



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