The Berlin Stock Exchange

The Berlin Stock Exchange

Berlin stock exchange is one of the oldest in Germany. It was established in 1685 through an edict of Great Elector Friedrich Wilhelm. The stock market is a place for entrepreneurs and investors alike to trade in German shares. Moreover, it is one of the most dynamic and diverse exchanges in the world.

Xetra price fixing

The decision by the Deutsche Boerse to move to an electronic platform will significantly alter the nature of trading in Germany. Since it bears the majority of the costs, regional exchanges will have to shoulder greater costs and will be pushed closer together.


The Berlin Stock Exchange is one of Germany’s oldest markets. The Berlin exchange lists both domestic and foreign securities. In fact, it is the only exchange to list German Federation bonds. This exchange has also traded many international equities. While the Berlin Exchange is a traditional market, electronic trading has become more prevalent in recent years. The electronic trading system is run by Equidict Systems Ltd., which is also responsible for maintaining the system and developing future features.


The Börse Berlin AG is the stock exchange in Berlin, Germany. It is one of the oldest stock exchanges in Germany. Its history dates back to 1685, when it was founded through an edict from the Great Elector Friedrich Wilhelm.

IPO ceremonies

The IPO ceremony at the Berlin Stock Exchange is one of the most important events for companies, as it helps raise their public profile in the market. A company can also benefit from the media attention that the IPO ceremony receives. The IPO ceremony takes place at a venue where the company can be visited by national and international media.

Official website

The Berlin Stock Exchange is the oldest stock exchange in Germany and has been in operation since 1685. It has an extensive list of 8300 shares of international and German companies. Its website has information about regulations and fees, as well as market data.



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